Get Blogging and Get Business!

In Blogging by Alexandra Mitchell

In previous newsletters we’ve mentioned the importance of blogging; we’ve quoted industry facts about the number of internet users that trust information they read on blogs (81%*), and the number of people more likely to be influenced to make a purchase from reading a blog versus a magazine (63%*). But many business owners STILL aren’t blogging. We understand that to some blogging is a new medium with unquantifiable value, but digital marketing (blogs, e-newsletters, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and social media marketing (SMM)) has been proven to positively affect your profit margin. Statements such as these below are why a company’s website won’t appear on the first page of internet searches.

  • “Blogging just isn’t my thing.”
  • “I can’t write.”
  • “I don’t have the time.”
  • “There’s not enough new stuff to put into a blog.”
  • “No one would read our blog.”

If you’re serious about driving traffic to your website and business to your door, you’ll find a way to get this important work with simple solutions that make sense for you and your business: Excuse Solution“Blogging just isn’t my thing.”

– Hire someone with writing skills, experience and knowledge about your business to do it. Any cost will outweigh the benefits.  Remember: You’re investing in your business. “I can’t write.” –  See the above. The same way you hire an accountant for your taxes or contract with an IT company to fix your copiers, hire talent to help with blogs and newsletters and other marketing.

“I don’t have the time.”

– See above. And make the time! Blogging, SEO and keeping your website relevant is all an important component  of your marketing strategy.

“There’s not enough new stuff to put into a blog.”

– There’s actually a lot of information that’s perfect for a blog, such as holiday specials, new hires, awards, sponsorships, new product photos, announcements, anniversary info and much more.  Free yourself from the idea that it has to be stale and business-like.

“No one will read it!”

– Consumers WANT to learn more about you and your business, and a blog is the fastest and easiest way to inform them about your brand, products and services.  A blog is a conversation with your clients: keep them engaged or they’ll go elsewhere. Digital marketing is key to moving your website higher in search engine rankings. Blogs are one low cost option (free if you do it yourself!) and also one of the most important. Be proactive and work smarter, not harder.