Abundance Vs. Scarcity

Abundance vs. Scarcity: Change Your Mindset and Increase Your Revenue

In Blogging by Alexandra Mitchell

It sounds so simple: Think Positive, Fake It ‘Til You Make It, Have an Abundant Mindset.  But it can’t be that simple … or can it be?  I’ve definitely gone through an evolution from being a cynical New Yorker poo-pooing what I used to call “crunchy granola”-talk to learning that it is all about changing your point of view and staying focused — and believing — in the positive.

Here are some key differences between having an abundant versus a scarcity mindset. Which feels more familiar to you? Which sounds like a better way to run your business and manage your day-to-day? Which mindset do you think elicits more proactive energy and productive results?

The Abundant Entrepreneur Mindset
  1. Belief in your ability to achieve the best. Constantly push yourself beyond your comfort zone for the greater good of the business.
  2. You’re a problem solver. You look for solutions and pivot when needed.
  3. You’re always reaching higher and focusing on what’s in the best interest of your client. This can include upselling them on a product or service.  
  4. You keep things moving, even when it’s slow. You move on to the next task that must be done to improve your business.
  5. You sell your product/service with intention and integrity, and you don’t invest pressure and energy into the outcome. Your sales process includes understanding that it’s about the client, not you.
  6. You’ll walk away from a sale if it’s not right for you or for the client.  You know that more will come, and it will probably be bigger or better.
The Scarcity Entrepreneur Mindset
  1. You believe that a dollar in revenue is better than no revenue at all, so you’ll offer discounts without thought of your brand’s integrity.
  2. Sometimes your personal low self-esteem translates into how you run your business. Because of this you have less confidence in your business skills and leadership.
  3. You’re a problem solver, but only when it comes to menial issues. When things get tough negative thoughts and overwhelm keep you immobile.
  4. You ignore your intuition and ask too many people for advice. 
  5. You thrive under pressure, but it’s fear that keeps you going rather than optimism. This same fear causes panicky, unwise decisions.
  6. You’ll take on the wrong client or create an unhealthy situation, just to make the sale.

A key to having and keeping an abundant/positive mindset is truly believing in your business, your foundation, your products and services. Remember: your clients are connecting with you first. Your confidence and belief in what you’re providing will translate into more sales and clients.