Hockey player in mid-game hitting the puck.

4 Steps for Planning BEYOND Covid-19

In Planning by Alexandra Mitchell

Use the S.P.A.N. method to create the year you want!

Hall of Fame hockey player Wayne Gretzky once said, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it’s been.” As we continue to adjust to our COVID-19 world I’ve been planning my next steps: I’m creating more programs for entrepreneurs, I’m researching  neighborhoods in which I want to live next, I’m creating new dance routines for my Zumba students, and more. I’m skating to where my puck is going to be.

Let’s jump 1 year into the future. Where are you living? What’s changed in your business? Do you have new products / services? Maybe you’re doing something entirely different. 

How to Get There From Here
Imagine the 2021 “You”  chatting with the 2020 “You” — he/she’s grateful and appreciating everything that you’ve manifested, designed, created, built and endured over the previous 365 days. By staying focused and proactive, you can make the 2021 “You” happier and fulfilled. Try putting the S.P.A.N. method into place:

  • SEE: What do you want for yourself and/or your business?  Are you in the same physical space, or do you have to / want to relocate? Where do you want to be? Do you want to add new professional certifications? Go back to school? Maybe change careers entirely? Sell your business? Move to a new home, region or state? WHO do you want to be? There are dozens of possibilities available to you now — more than EVER before — but it’s up to you to see them.
  • PLAN: What will you need to get there from here? Now that you see what you want for yourself, the next step is making a plan. If it’s a new degree or certification, what courses are required? From which education facility? How much does it cost? Can you get a grant? If you’re moving business locations, how much will the rent be? Do you need new equipment?  What’s the foot traffic? Parking? If you’re moving entirely, where and when will you move? What are the business prospects there? If you’re putting your business on hold for now, what will you do for income? Where will you work? Plan intentionally to create the outcome that you desire.
  • ACTIVATE: What are you doing to make it happen? Now that you have a plan, are you creating daily habits to move it along and check things off of your list? Are you following up and following through? Are you researching, networking, and telling people about your plans, so that you’re working smarter and not harder? Are you asking for help, and accepting it when it’s offered? Are you delegating so you can lighten your load and focus on the next step? Are you surrounding yourself with people who support you and your vision?  Are you getting out of your own way?
  • NAVIGATEWhat will you do to keep yourself from being deterred from your dream?  Look, it’s going to be tough. Heck, it’s tough now, but we’ve weathered challenges before and we will come out on the other side of this one. Be prepared with tools and resources so you can navigate through any hiccups or disappointments that arise: create a meditation practice; find a mentor; listen to music or funny podcasts; exercise; read books; tap into your social circle; make time for your hobbies; tune into your family — whatever it takes. Give yourself permission to have these moments, but don’t live in them.   

Wherever you’ll be in May 2021, you’ll want to look back and see that it was due to a myriad of positive actions that you took today.

Skate to where the puck is going to be.
Plan for where you want your life to be.